Monday, July 5, 2010

Aaminah's First Zine, Jewels for Survival, Ready for Purchase!

Jewels for Survival is ready for purchase! Above you can (hopefully) see a few images from the zine that give you a little taste of it. The first five images are from the zine, the last three images are from Gems (see below).
Cost: $10, includes shipping in U.S. and also includes Gems. Possible to trade, please contact us directly ( to discuss trade options.
Title: Jewels for Survival Size: 54 pages, half page of 8 1/2 x 11
Description: these are lessons i have learned in my life, survival skills for this world & preparation for the next. the strugggle is for my own survival and to support all women of color around the world to do more than survive. i know that my survival is tied to the survival of my people, men and women.
Gems is a little "taste of the zine" that i am putting together. Everyone who purchases the zine will also get Gems thrown in. But you can purchase Gems as a stand-alone.
Gems - $2.50, includes shipping in U.S.
Title: Gems
Description: a small greeting card size that includes one poem from the Jewels for Survival zine ("when $50 is enough to save your life") and four quotes pulled from the zine
Please make payment by Paypal to If you would like to make a trade or arrange to mail a check or cash, please contact us at

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