Tuesday, April 27, 2010

border home lands update

by mai'a

hi there!

ok. so, first and foremost sorry for the lull in communication. i have several excuses for this that you are probably not that interested in...but you know...been super sick with allergies/sinusitus/root canal for the past few weeks.
but really the big obstruction is that we discovered that the means i was going to use to send zines to the states was not sustainable. just not. so i had to put my creativity hat on and figure out a plan b.
plan b. make the zine into an order-on-demand book. yay! which meant that habibi and i had to learn a whole new set of skills that we didnt have. like how to make a pdf. and how to use create space. and we had to buy a scanner/printer. and learn to use it.
good times.
but not only have i picked up a few more helpful skills. but, the process is almost done! which means that for those of you who ordered a border/home/lands zine, you will receive one soon! yay! i am so sorry for the delay....

for those of you who i put 'on hold' from ordering a zine, b/c i was trying to work out the bugs...you will soon be able to order a zine and know it will be coming in under ten days!
and. there will be an electronic version of the zine available as well!
the sad part is that it won't be the hand crafted zine that i made. it will be a more mass produced version.
but honestly, it still looks really hot. and im proud of the product. and i believe that you will enjoy it as well.
also, for now at least, the upcoming zines that i create, will be produced and distributed through create space publish on demand. the next zine coming is: outlaw midwives.
there are a couple of folks who ordered a zine, but for some reason your email address has not worked for me. not sure what is up. my email address was warped and hexed. and that may have been part of it. so, if you are reading this...please let me tell you...i am kind of on top of shit...kinda...
and from now on things should run a lot more smoothly...its all about outwitting a police state...
hit me up at maiamedicine at gmail dot com if you have any questions or want to order the zine.