who are you?

we are two mamas. mai'a and aaminah.

hi. i'm mai'a. i live in egypt. and love sitting on the floor with my daughter and random bits of paper, scissors, glue, black sharpies, paint, stamps, ink, tape and whatever else i can get my hands on and telling a story with images, words, and the space in between the two.  i started making zines back in 2000 while i was a performance poet.  the zines helped cover the gas money (and that was the name of the zine at one point) so that i could get to the next poetry show.  in 2008 i published revolutionary motherhood zine, vol. 1, a zine anthology focused on mothers of color, inspired by the women i met from young women united from new mexico and the zapatista women's encuentro in chiapas.
ive traveled a lot in the past few years, producing zines, paintings and independent media everywhere i went: palestine, mexico, e. africa, jordan, scotland, and now egypt.
i adore hibiscus tea, our lively nubian neighborhood, the golden age of hip hop, reproductive justice/education...and you. ♥

hola & salaams. i'm aaminah. i live in michigan, usa, in a pretty conservative city. i am an indigenous NDN woman and a muslim convert of well over a decade. i've been writing poetry, fiction and articles pretty much my whole life but have never created a zine yet. i knit & crochet things to give out to those in need, make jewelry from found items and prayer bead sets for friends, paint (terribly), and make/re-make a lot of my own clothes. i love my son, books, collage, handwritten letters, incense, reggae and herbal tea. i've never travelled anywhere and would like to go everywhere. i am inspired by indigenous people, communities, spirituality and textiles from around the world and being a part of keeping traditions alive and passing them on to new generations. i believe that love is enough and that learning to love is a revolution. ♥