Saturday, May 15, 2010

some e-zines y'all need to check out

so in the past couple of weeks a couple of ezines have hit the internets and i want to hip you to them...

1. don't leave your friends behind
edited by the fabulous vikki and china duo. this third edition is beautiful, well-written, chock full of ways to support parents and children in the movement.
'concrete ways to support caretakers and children in your scene'
you can check it out online here
41 pages

If you want a paper copy sent to you, please send $3 (or $5 for two and give the second to an ally in your life!) to:

V. Law
PO Box 20388
Tompkins Square Station
New York, NY 10009

they also have put out a call to submissions for the next volume of dont leave your friends behind.

"Deadline: September 15, 2010!

Don't Leave Your Friends Behind is a book geared toward the non-parent radical community about how to be an ally to the parent(s) in their midst.

This book is going to be a collection of some of the best minds out there. We're looking for activists, allies, and radical parents to submit the most kicking stuff to make this the best book ever for getting down to business: let's make a better world WITHOUT leaving out the mamas (and papas, partners, child-care providers) and children this time!

We want to know how you do support children and their caretakers in your collectives, organizations or communities."

2. noemi from hermana resist just put out her third volume of voces against violence.
the ezine can be found online here.

–a zine diy style, with work from poc, queer folk, survivors, healers. a text intended to be used as a community resources in dealing with multi-faceted violence and trauma.

please check it out. and may it evoke conversations that need to happen w/ yourself and your communities.

enjoy! support diy publishing. and get your mind blown!

in love,


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