Thursday, February 18, 2010

why did you start a distro?

maia: i love making zines. i love their tactile nature. holding them in my hands. it is a way to get to see sides of someone that you dont see over the internet or in person. a way i can connect physically with people who are thousands of miles away. a way that we can communicate deeper and with more complexity with each other. zines can be intimate, erotic even, and of course fun.

aaminah: i want to support marginalized voices speaking/writing about marginalized issues. maia did a lot of research and i was suprised when she reported that there aren't any women of color/genderqueer centered distros, less than a handful woc-run distros, and that she couldn't find a single distro that sold zines talking about the things we talk about. there wasn't a single distro out there whose submission pages gave reason to think they'd ever distro the kind of zines she writes. or that i might write myself. which means that they wouldn't distro the kind of zine i want to read.

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